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Capitalize On The Biggest Blue Ocean Marketing Opportunity. Here Are The Best Advantages To Youtube Content!

According to a 2020 Oberlo Blog, 85% of all internet users watched video content monthly on one of their devices.

A remarkable statistic, but before you jump right into starting video marketing campaigns, take the time to first ask yourself:
What purpose should your video serve? If you are pouring money into videos just for YouTube subscribers with minimal strategy, prepare to watch those efforts sink down the drain.

If you’re looking to utilize the power of video content marketing and drive leads to your business, this guide will demonstrate a couple of video marketing ideas that B2B SaaS companies can implement into their content strategies.

What exactly is Video Marketing?


Why Video Marketing Matters

People today will tell you that video is the future, but by no means is video marketing a new practice. Platforms such as YouTube have been around since 2009 and are gaining more traction now than ever before. Video content provides a greater ability to promote and display your software with the authenticity of in-person advertising while also bringing targeted impressions for both new, and returning customers in the buyer’s journey.

This ability is demonstrated in a Forbes post, finding that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. As humans are audio-visual creatures, retention is greatly increased with video content.

Video is a powerful tool that connects and allows your audience to engage, setting the stage for more personal human connections between brands and consumers. Compared to many media platforms, YouTube is a wide-open blue ocean market for B2B SaaS businesses because there is a higher barrier of entry, meaning you have to create the content, as well as have a deep understanding of Google Ads. Video marketing appeals to audiences in a real and authentic way.


With more online traffic than ever before, it is essential to drive engagement with your audience using proven and strategic approaches. The best 2 methods of engaging potential leads for your business are as follows:

#1 Educational Video:

Educational videos are winning the YouTube and Facebook content wars. Why? Because they’re displaying phenomenal creatives that trigger interest as soon as the user sees the content. The main purpose of educational video content is to offer useful and interesting information that will help prospects.

Particularly in the space of B2B, educational videos such as; webinars, tutorials, and conferences have been the backbone of marketing for a long time. It’s this same notion that makes educational video content such a success in any software company; People love learning new things, so create a funnel for your website to keep the customers engaged. If a brand can make learning faster, quicker, and more fun, users are more likely to engage and share the content with people.


#2 Promotion Video:

Promotional video marketing can often be mistaken for companies solely promoting their services by running ads. At the very heart of promotional video marketing, the aim is to connect your product or service with your target audience by leveraging common ground with the user.

Promotional videos are short and to the point, so give a clear message to the audience about what they are watching during the ad. The best promotional videos understand the ins and outs of your target audience, their core problems, how they think, what they really want, and reflect that back to them.


How our Sun Formula helps with Video Content Marketing:

Our SUN formula goes into 3 different aspects to grow your B2B SaaS company.

“S” stands for Successful Market Segmentation. We dive into the target market of our clients by identifying their Ideal Customer Profile and then segmenting targeting according to the users.

“U” stands for Unique Message. We identify the key insights based on understanding our clients’ language. This creates a unique value proposition that eliminates the need to compete.

“N” stands for Nourish Conversions, using all of our result-driven marketing we tell your story through our analytic database. This ensures that your ideal prospects stay engaged, and helps them achieve their end goal.

Talk with our team today to see if Video marketing can help you reach your marketing goals!

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