TikTok Ads for Apps & Software: TikTok Ads NOT CONVERTING?

TikTok Ads for Apps & Software: TikTok Ads NOT CONVERTING? 1280 720 Jack Richards


TikTok Ads For Apps and Software: 3 Reasons Why Your TikTok Ads Aren’t Converting

Interested in growing your App or Software product user base with TikTok Ads or other social media advertising platforms?


Studio Intake is a world-class user acquisition agency for SaaS, app, and web 3 products.

? Chapters

00:00 Intro
00:39 (1) Creating Ads Instead of Creating TikToks
1:23 (2) Lack of Facial Recognition
2:29 (3) Videos Aren’t App or User Friendly
3:07 How do you get someone to watch all the way through the video?
4:08 If your TikTok ads are STILL NOT CONVERTING…
5:05 App and Software Founders Schedule A Call!
5:23 Outro

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